Thursday, May 23, 2013

Angel Amoung Us

Meet the newest member of the Tyler Ford Family (not the Steve Ford Family, but the Tyler Ford Family)!

Her name is Angel and she is an 8 year old Basset Hound.
 I am so glad that Tyler and Rae decided to adopt her, she totally loves Tyler!
They brought her over to our house to show her off last Monday (and to stay in our house during the storms cause their house is ...wellll... lets just say a ditch on the side of the road would be safer than their house during a tornado:) Ok Ok I dont know that for a fact but their house IS very old....anyhoo If you know me at all you know that I LOVE dogs and Angel is no exception.  She came in and when I set down to greet her she promptly jumped up on the love seat and stood on my lap (she is too long to sit on my lap so standing is the next best thing right?) She has these wonderful droopy eyes that just beg for attention and love all the time. But if they dont work she is a pro letting you know exactly what she wants through whimpering and nudging.

Sorry the pictures are so blurry but they are the best that I have. As you can see Angel insisted on sitting by Tyler which was so cute cause there was not enough room for her and both of them as well but she would not settle for any other place.  Tyler was petting her and talking and he started to use his hands to demonstrate something to dad (which meant that he was no longer petting Angel) WELL this would not do in Angels mind!! She started grumping and then she put her head under Tyler's arm and nudged his arm hard enough to force it on her head to pet it. We were dying laughing! It was so cute.  

On another note, Angel was not a fan of our two rambunctious nuts. Any time Chloe or Ramsey came close to her she would grumble deep in her chest and her lip would quiver. Chloe thought she was trying to play with her and keep diving toward her only to pull up sharply and spin around, she is such a mess.  Ramsey on the other hand had his hackles up and keep running to my lap like a chicken Mommy's boy.

Here is proof that this experience just wore him out.  I was looking for him to see if he needed to go out and this is here I found him...silly dog he had totally destroyed my bed in the attempt to hide under the covers and then decided that it was too hot under there. 

Aint he soooo cute!

Okay Okay I know that I sound like a crazy lady with all this dog talk so I will try to save face and tell you about some of the other things going on around here. (Notice that I did not apologise for my dog loving talk, cause this is my blog and if I wanna talk crazy talk I can but you dont have to read it. That is your God given right as a blog reader :)

In other news the LCA Graduation was Tuesday. Trenton and Jonathan did great jobs on their speeches and Bro Wilkins preached a message that was unforgettable.

Ben, Jonathan, Trenton, and Rachel after the ceremony.
Darian was missing from this picture...
not sure where he was, maybe outside star gazing :)

In all randomness below is a picture that I took on my way home from work the other day. I had a really long, rough day and was feeling a little down. When I turned  onto one of the winding roads that lead to my house this is the sight that I found.  
There is still light at the end of the tunnel:)

Next week we are headed to the Promise Land aka Texas to visit family so hopefully I will have lots of fun stuff to share :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's a BOY

A cute, happy, wiggling, adorable, heart stealing little boy!!
Let me back up and start at the beginning.

My mother's cousin and her family arrived in T-town on Thursday night all the way from Colorado Springs.  Michelle and Carlos have been to Tulsa several times in the past but this was a special trip because they brought their five month old boy, Carson with them.

Michelle (mom's cousin) was told that she would never have kids after years of trying. After a while her and her husband kind of gave up. Around that time Carlos was accepted into full time service as a Chaplin for the Army and stationed in Colorado Springs.  Not long after relocating Michelle found out that the REALLY bad case of allergies was really a miracle. She was pregnant.

Little Carson Michael is a doll, and perfect in every way!

You want pictures.... of course I have pictures!

Carson and his Great Aunt Jean

Grandad and Carson....Grandad was kinda a baby hog :)

I was kind of surprised at how much Grandad took to Carson. I have always known that he likes kids but most of the time they are scared of him (for some reason). But let me tell you Carson LOVED Grandad! Grandad would set Carson on his lap or up high on his chest (with his stomach as a pillow :) and just talk to Cater and make all kinds of faces. Carson would just laughed and talk (gibber) to Grandad, it was so cute!

Carson and Michelle. If this little boy does not make you smile
you have something wrong with you.

Breakfast Time!!

Poor Tyler he refused to hold Carson but Raelene told him to
so he kind of had no choice :)

Hey look it is Me and Carson.

Saturday Morning Dad and Tyler made breakfast for the rest of us. We had Chocolate and Biscuits, white gravy (for the weird one's who don't like Chocolate gravy) Bacon, and eggs. It was sooooooooo GOOD!

The ladies on our shopping excursion.

All ready for bed, and smiling at the camera!
(or maybe the face behind the camera :)

Ok Ok only one more picture
This was taken right after they got to our house Thursday night and little man was soooo happy to be out of his car seat.

I was so happy that we got to spend the weekend with Carlos, Michelle, and Carson.
I foresee a trip to Colorado Springs in the Ford family future :)


Friday, March 29, 2013

My Side of the Story

Three Girls, one trip, there are sure to be some great stories. Weelll... my Friends I just wanted to get my side of the story out there before any one else was able to :P

Let me just say that this was a very eventful trip...and that may be an understatement. We (Marissa, Brittany, and I) left T-town on Thursday afternoon after I got off of work. I had the brilliant idea of ordering pizza and eat it in the car so
1. we did not have to stop and waste time eating
2. we would have the leftovers to snack on for on the road (this proved to save our lives).
So on the road we are, and it starts snowing. Now I love the long as I don't have to drive in it. WHALEE drive in it I did. I don't remember when it started snowing but once it did, visibility was very low and the snow was blowing right at us making it worse.
I just scooted my chair as close to the dashboard as I could get and drove grannie style...and it worked, we did not slip, slid or crash. THanK the LORD! By the time we got to Springfield there was a good 2 inches on the ground and it was still coming down.
I decided to embrace my fear and let Marissa drive. I took my place in the back seat and prayed. I prayed for me and Brittany, and for GusGus. :) I am just kidding Marissa is not that bad of a driver (at least she has not hit a house :)
This is a picture taken at the gas station that we stopped at in Springfield.

Oh look here is another picture from the gas station. Yes, that is Brittany and GusGus (the cool little car in the background)

Ok, so we left Springfield some time after 9:00 pm and about thirty minuets later traffic came to a complete stop. I am not talking about a slow crawl we are being cautious, stop, I am talking, there is no moving you cannot go anywhere, kind of stop. As far as we could see ahead of us was red tail lights letting us know that the trouble was WAY ahead of us. So, there we set surrounded by semis and trucks, three defenseless girls in a sea of tail lights....(yeah that might be to dramatic of a description) fearing for our lives. One of three things could happen, we could starve to death, die of hypothermia, or be killed by the heathen truckers that surrounded us. However God had his hand on us and some angel provided sustenance (pizza) to feed our stomachs (told you it would save our lives), we had blankets and the ability to turn the heater on to keep us warm, and those heathens repented of there killer ways and turned out to be quite friendly.
After sitting in the car for an hour we dared to venture out and take some pictures and in the process learned that there was a bad wreck about thirteen miles up the road and we were not going anywhere until it was cleaned up.
So we did what any girls would do in that situation....we took pictures!

Yes I know the picture is blurry but this was our view in front of us...

Three hours later the line began to inch up and shortly after 12:00am we were once again on our way to St. Louis.  We got to our Hotel around 4:00 am and went to bed....and slept and slept and slept. In fact we did not get up until late the next morning when we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch (they have great carrot sticks there by the way:) and decided to go shopping. Three hours, one GPS malfunction and numerous country roads later we reached Osage Beach Outlet mall. 

This was taken on our way to the mall....most of the trip looked like this.  

I know you cannot read the sign but it said "Share the road" with a pic of a horse and buggy on top. That is how far out we were.

Saturday we went to the Arch which was amazing!
Of course we took lots of pictures.

This is us before we went through security.....mean, nasty minded security (that is a story I do not care to share with the whole world).

Blue skies, white clouds and silver arch...I love this picture.

Once we got through security (I am happy to announce that I convinced the guys I was not caring a bomb strapped to my waist) we had some time to kill so we wondered through the museum that is located under ground.

Marissa kissing a cow

Me and my soldier! I love me a man in uniform :)

The next few pictures do not do the view from the top of the Arch justice. It is amazing!

This picture is my favorite from the top of the Arch because you can see the size of the lake and the shadow of the arch.

After lunch we went shopping again! This carousel was in the mall that we ended up at.

Saturday evening we spent the last hours in our hotel room listening to a story and horsing around. Brittany and Marissa had a contest to see who could hold their legs in the air for the longest. I do not remember who won....
They may kill me for posting this picture but I could not resist it was so funny!

Sunday we headed out and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?

It SNOWED on us.......

This short summery of our trip does not even touch the top of the tons of memories made on our Trip. I know I have made fun, joked, and maybe exaggerated a weee lil bit :) but in all seriousness and truth, I have the best friends. We give each other a hard time, make fun of each other, I am sure they get frustrated with me but they are always there for me no matter what I need. I love them dearly!:)
OH and before I go...Ramsey and Chloe say Hello!!:) 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lord I apologize....

...for complaining about a bad winter. You really came through yesterday, when you sent a beautiful blanket of snow. Thanks I appreciate it form the bottom of my heart.

Aman :)

As I was coming into work the snow was falling but not sticking...I
felt like I was driving in a snow globe :)

At 9:30 this was the view out of the office window.

There is something about snow that brings out the child in most of us (there are some extremely proper folks that remain unaffected by the air of excitement that fluffy white morsels of precipitation bring). For example, most of my co-workers were in great moods talking about going home and playing with the grand kids in the snow.  One of the Counselors made a HUGE snowball and brought it up to the office, grinning like a Cheshire cat
Because of the weather my office opened late Thursday morning, which being interpreted means that I got to sleep in and get ready at a leisurely pace. I also had time to play with the boys a little bit.

We worked on Sundance's patients..."Wait for it...Wait for it...Ok now you can have it!"
He is such a good boy;)

Tino is saying "Act your age ya big bafoon"

Monday, February 18, 2013

Are you sitting down?

Do you have something to hold onto?
Don't scream you might scare the people around you....

I. am. about. to.......

 update my blog.....

WHAT?!?!! you are disappointed? OH you were expecting some kind of earth shattering news....
Well too bad. It is not my fault that you got all excited about nothing.

I know that it has been a while so I will just start at the most recent and work from there.

This last weekend was TLC's first Music Workshop. The workshop started on Friday afternoon and was all day Saturday as well. I am not in the choir (And everyone that has ever heard me sing says THANK THA LORD!!) and I don't play an instrument so I was not in the Workshop. I do however enjoy taking care of kids, so I volunteered to watch the kiddos in the nursery.

This is what goes on in the nursery...

Brecklin sharing her raisins....photobomed by someones bum in the back ground....:D

What is the best way to keep a kid happy?

I think the little ones that I had Friday night ate for the whole three hours.

See that black and red blur in the pic above...That is Andrew. Jeriah and Andrew were our entertainment Saturday...they keep saying 'tell us what to act like'. So I would stretch my under worked imagination and say things like. "Act like a kangaroo being chased by a cop". They acted it out perfectly.

By the end of the day this is how we both felt....
I learned a lesson this weekend...I DO NOT want triplets..or seventeen kids of my own (Brittany).

Was it hard work? Yes
Was I worn out by the end of Saturday? YES
Would I volunteer again to watch the kids? YESSS without hesitation.

Now moving on....Winter. I am very disappointed in this winter, it is pathetic...Here it is middle of February and it still has not snowed. If it is going to be cold enough for a fire it really should snow. Just sayin'

ChloeBob has figured this fire thing out.
She now hopes up on the fire place and worms her little tush up after going out side

Speaking of Chloe...aint she cute!!

I finally got my wordism up on my wall. Just for the record these things are a pain in the...neck. They say that they will stick to any wall, well apparently my wall is not any wall. As you can see I ended up putting it on a canvas and using Modg-Podg to make it stay on there. Then I hung it on the wall...all by my self.
Picture this - Me, armed with two push pins, my awesome eye for levelness (said very sarcastically), and a high heel shoe standing on my bed trying to hang this canvas. In the end it turned out pretty good. However, it is a good thing that Dad does not know about it and the canvas covers the heel marks....

This picture looks like a drunk Indian took it...It does not do my
master piece justice...but it is the only one I have.  

Oh lookie...That, my friends, is Casey Marissa and myself on our shopping trip to OKC. We headed up there one day to inspect the outlet mall that is fairly new to the area. 

We decided that the mall passed inspection and there were only a few adjustments that will be made per our request.

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Casey and I after devouring our cookies.

Well that my friends is a short update on my life. Come back in two months and I will tell you about my trip to the weird country of St. Louis....